The Most Important Element to your Marketing System

Marketing has many different dynamics. Successful Marketing has about three times more. One company can market the same message to the same people as the competition across the street and have a fully different result. I have seen copy cat ads work and others fail miserably. There is one dynamic or ingredient to your marketing strategy which when utilized will propel you further than any other thing. That one thing is your attitude.
 I have commented about the idea that being positive in this industry will help you gain more sales. You are after all working with Brides on what should be the happiest day of their lives. Your inward thoughts will take you one step further.

In studying thought and behavioral issues, I have seen a common thread which I believe in; your thoughts become things. What you think about is what you will bring to pass in your life. Let me share something which was once told to me. Back in the early 80’s, A young man from the Polynesian Islands taught me a lesson that had been handed down from many generations. Here is that lesson:

 Watch your thoughts for they become your words
 Watch your words for they shall become your actions
 Watch your actions for they shall become your habits

Watch your Habits for they shall become your character

Watch your Character for it shall become your destiny.

I fully believe that which we think we realize in one form or another.

By thinking negatively versus positively, you may not expect business to come in your door, you may be crabby or otherwise involved to recognize a good lead or you may simply become a self fulfilling prophecy that business is bad by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the right person.

Everyone of us understands how our body language can rule our conversations. If you don’t imagine this; think about a teenager having a talk (getting chewed out for something) with a parent that they don’t want to have. How does the teenager look? They may be saying something completely different (“Yes”, “Fine”, and “Okay” are popular). Their body language states that they are through with the discussion and they are sick of talking about whatever it is they are talking about. If you are negative, you will project that and the Bride will subtlety pick up on those vibes.  

Getting more Brides in 2009 means starting with the right attitude that there is more business out there than any of us can handle and we can get our fair share. This is not simply a “happy” thought, but a reality. Then again if you watch the news every night and search out reasons why things are bad, it justifies a person not having to work so hard or to overcome the difficulties that are out there.

Let me state this boldly: 







 You can get those Brides and you should get them. You won’t get them, however if you truly feel that they are not out there.

I am not one to blow sunshine up your kazoo and let you think that all you have to do is think happy thoughts. Thinking happy thoughts about your garden will not put the seed in the ground, water them, weed when necessary or cultivate the result by simply “thinking happy”. You need to act. The issue here is to start with the positive attitude that there is business out there and second, that you deserve your fair share of that business. The action step comes next, but comes easier when you truly believe that it is possible and even probable.

 As I go out everyday meeting with different wedding businesses, I am finding more and more that had record years and that they want to double their record year of last year in 2009. Good on them! They will definitely have a great shot at fantastic growth and meeting their goals because they are starting with the basic element of a positive attitude.
 Tips to starting a fresh attitude:
 1) Stop watching, listening and reading the news. They are a business that sells on bad news. Many people have tried the “good news approach, but it does not work-Bad news sells. If you don’t believe me, grab a newspaper and circle all the negative stories, sports, headlines, everything and you will see after you are done.

2) Stop speaking about bad stuff with others. Stops listening and encouraging the conversations that are negative also. Find good things to speak about and be prepared for the naysayers. Don’t get into ‘which politician is an SOB this week’ or ‘What did  the President do now’ discussions. You have more power than any politician or President will to overcome any economy or hard times.

3) Find the good in all things. Being in bad traffic is not the end of the world (After I put all of the website  info  on the side of my SUV, I now look forward to traffic jams because I get noticed more-This may help you also!) There can be good things even in tragedy if you look hard enough.

4) Know that thinking and acting negatively has never had as much power as thinking and acting positively. You have at your grasp the ability to choose to be happy or otherwise-Don’t worry-be happy!

5) Know that bad things happen, but they never last. You have conquered everything in life that you have ever needed to thus far and will continue to do so! Feed your life with the good and shut out the bad and you will see an overnight change.

6) Exercise. You get more oxygen to your body and it lowers stress levels. Taking care of your body will reward you significantly.

7) Be Grateful. Finding 10 new things each day will help you realize that we truly live in the best of times in the Greatest country in the world. Most people (60%) in the World live on less than $2 per day. We are fortunate and have reason to say “Thank You”. (by the way-things could get worse-you could start with being grateful that they don’t J )

Leo Busgalia once said, “Hey I’m normal. I get upset sometimes. Being happy and positive doesn’t mean I fart chimes”. It is okay to lose it every once in a while-just get on track again and let it go quickly.


What are Your Thoughts?

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