National Distraction Day


Today is National Distraction day, also known as April 15th, the day your taxes are due. AS small business people, we can get very distracted by the financial stuff. Bills become something we avoid and simply mentioning things like taxes seems to make us irate. We all have many distractions in our lives and it is those distractions that keep us from where we want or need to be.

We act as if we have little or no control over what happens to us in our lives at times like these. In fact, we have full control. I have mentioned before that during a recession, we are in the best positions we can be in whether we are self employed or otherwise, as we can make things happen.

There is always room in any company for a great employee. There is rarely room for mediocrity. Based on that, we need to stay our focus on what matters. We need to look to be inspired, not to be distracted by the things that don’t matter.

Things of a financial matter don’t matter because you can correct them. You can always go out and make more money. It is harder to repair relationships or even health. Money can be overcome and will be if you focus on that one thing.

Here is some shared inspiration for you. I just watched this video last night, and if you have not seen it yet, it will be the best spent 7 minutes of your day. :  

Seeing how it is national “pay your dues” day (if you can’t tell, I have strong feelings about taxes) , let me also share one more treat with you. I recently came across an abridged copy of the bestselling audio program “The Strangest Secret” I don’t want to bore you with my rendition of it, but there is commentary on there from Mark Victor Hansen (As well as a special offer at the end of the program in no way associated with me, but may prove to be fruitful to you in your life). I am including a link to that audio program as well as a thirty day challenge for focus. Here is that challenge:

Download and listen to the program and then email me WARNING- Most of you will drop out by then.

Email me and I will give you some free materials that will help you decide on the “one thing” that would make the biggest difference in your life right now.

After you decide, you will fill out a card that I have created for this purpose and will carry it with you each day as well as listen to the audio program each day for 30 days.

I will send out some inspirational emails to only those of you on the program (one every 3-4 days) to keep you focused and motivated.

Here is the link to the audio program: 

(right click on the audio play controls and click “save Target as” – you can then save it to your Ipod or burn a CD to listen to in your car)

If you are up to the challenge, email me after you have listened to the program. I hope to hear from you!


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