Craig’s List Sucks….or does it?

I ran into a friend from Church who knows what I do who had a big smile on his face. He said “I got my first wedding!” I had previously suggested that if he wanted some advice on how to start a wedding business, that he give me a call and I would point him in the right direction. He never called, so I was surprised as I thought he may have just forgotten his idea. After telling me about the wedding he got, I asked him, how did you find it to which he replied, “Craig’s List”. I then smiled and asked “How much did you charge them?” the answer-$400 (about $1500 lower than the industry average in town).

I get many vendors mentioning that Craig’s List is ruining the wedding industry. Let’s examine that for a minute; is it ruining the industry or are cheap, unqualified businesses getting business there? I think it’s the latter. Now assuming that is the case, do only Brides who want cheap unqualified services go there? Not at all. The fact is; Brides go there-period. They book the cheap and unqualified for one reason-nobody is making a case to tell them otherwise.

Let me explain; If a Bride goes to Craig’s List to find a DJ and 15 ads pop up for DJ’s that are $500 , she will assume that $500 is the industry standard for pricing. This is far from the industry standard. In fact, the industry standard is higher for many reasons, such as better equipment, the experience of the operator, the training, the professionalism, and the list goes on. The problem is, the Bride only sees 15 DJ’s that are getting into a tinkling contest over price because they don’t have the chutzpah to sell quality over price because price is an easier sell. It is something that has been facing competitive businesses since the first caveman opened the first dinosaur club way back when.

Now, imagine there is an ad up there that reads something like this; “DON’T HIRE A DJ FOR YOUR WEDDING…..” and when they opened up the ad they found the following: :Don’t hire a DJ for your wedding that has not been properly trained and qualified to entertain you and your guests for possibly the only day of your life that you will hire a DJ. For a FREE report on the 7 steps to hiring the right wedding entertainment, please email abc@abcweddingdjsthat are You only want one wedding-rely on the professionals who will provide 100% of the reason your night was successful.

Now in the report, you will put the 7 reasons why price isn’t a factor and they cannot risk hiring a DJ that will go after their Bridesmaids and drink all their Booze. Use this as a lead generation tool which will funnel Brides to your door. How much time does it take to send out one email with an attachment that might actually bring you some business.

Craig’s List in and of itself is not bad. The Brides on Craig’s List are not bad Brides either. Use this as well as any other similar websites as a way to bring more brides into your doors. Hone up on your selling and marketing skills and with this great tool, you can potentially bring in more leads than your business will be able to handle.



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